P0345 Ford F150: What Does It Mean & How to Fix It

For those of you who haven’t had experience with clearing trouble codes, seeing the P0345 error code in your Ford F150 may have left you puzzled. It’s a very normal reaction since the OBD2 scanner just tells you the code and doesn’t say what has gone wrong and where. 

So, you can find all that out, we’re here to help out with a comprehensive guide on the P0345 Ford F150 code, and we’ll be covering all of its symptoms, causes, and also how you can clear it.  Solving this issue can be a bit complicated, so brace yourself for a ride!

P0345 Ford F150

What does P0345 Mean?

The P0345 error code can be categorized as a generic code since it can affect other models besides the Ford F150 as well. The issue that triggers P0340 ford and P0345 is a faulty camshaft position sensor A that is in Bank 2 of the engine. By bank 2 it means that the issue Is located in the area of the side of the engine where the second cylinder is. 

Many reasons could cause problems in camshaft position sensor A, it could be just the sensor itself, but we will be getting into that further ahead in our article. This definition of the P0345 Ford F150 code is applicable for other vehicles as well. 

What are the Symptoms?

The responsibility of the camshaft position sensor is to help the engine get the perfect timing for combustion. Since this code it means that it isn’t operating correctly, you will face a lot of issues when you are driving. The symptoms that we are going to be discussing are very common, and you may notice them for other powertrain-related codes such as the P1131 code in Ford F150 as well. 

Not Starting or Hard Starting of the Car

When the timing for combustion is too off, the car will have a very difficult time starting. By ‘too off’ we actually mean just some milliseconds, but that is enough to be causing these issues. You will have to attempt to start the car multiple times, usually before the engine starts. 

If the condition of your camshaft position sensor is severely poor, then you may not be able to start the car at all!

Poor Idle

Since the combustion timing will not be optimum, the cylinders of your engine will have a tough time producing the power needed to run your Ford F150. When one or more of these cylinders can’t produce that power, your car will have a poor and rough idle quality, and you will feel the car shaking. You may have experienced this symptom if you have had any issues with your engine in the past. 

Fuel Economy Decreases

In the case of this code, when the engine isn’t working in its optimum state, it will be consuming too much fuel. This means that you will be out of fuel much quicker, meaning more money will have to be spent on frequent fuel fill-ups. 

With fuel prices going up, this is a HUGE disadvantage and is all the more reason to get this code cleared as soon as possible. 

Lacking Engine Power

As you can tell, a lot of drivability problems arise in the Ford F150 with the P0345 code. Hence, a lot of it combines with the engine becoming much less powerful. The F150 has a lot of power when it’s functioning without any hiccups, so this drop in power will easily meet your eye. 

It also just doesn’t feel good to have your powerful truck feeling weak out of the blue. The engine will also hesitate to accelerate. This means that even if you press down on the gas pedal hard, it won’t be accelerating as much as it normally would. 

Possible Causes of P0345 in Ford F150

You may have to deal with this code for quite a few reasons, but most of the time, this code will show up because of two reasons, and they are the first two ones we have mentioned in our list below. After knowing these causes, you should check on the parts of the engine causing it in the future during your regular maintenance so you can prevent this code. 

  • Defective Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • The harness connector of the camshaft position sensor is open
  • Wiring and circuit problems
  • Starter motor is malfunctioning

How to Diagnose the P0345 Error Code in Ford F150 

How to Diagnose the P0345 Error Code in Ford F150 

Just like with any other trouble code, we would recommend you take your Ford F150 to a professional mechanic to diagnose the P0345 error code. The diagnosis is a very complex procedure that we are certain you will fail in if you don’t have much experience with repairing automobiles. 

Your mechanic will have to run quite a few tests to find out the real cause of this code. We would say that starting off with checking the camshaft position sensor would be the best option since it is the most common source of this error. By using a multimeter, the mechanic will check the voltage of the sensor to determine if it’s fine or not. 

After that, they should move on to check if the harness connector is shorted and if there are any other wiring problems in the circuit. In some cases, this issue is caused by an open starting circuit, so you should tell your mechanic to inspect that as well. 

Cost of Diagnosis

As we have said, you should not try to diagnose this code alone because it’s complicated, and it’s very likely that you will make damages that weren’t there in the first place. Paying a mechanic for this procedure is the best option, and while you will have to spend some money at least, you’ll know the job is getting done properly. 

The cost of the diagnosis is entirely related to the labor rate of your mechanic, and that rate will vary depending on multiple various factors. Thus, giving you an exact cost won’t be possible. Most workshops will have a labor rate of around $90 to $110, and the diagnosis is going to be an hour-long task, so you’ll be paying somewhere from $90-$110.


It can be quite tricky to clear the P0345 Ford F150 error code, as you can see, but with the guidance of this article and A LOT of help from your mechanic, it’s nothing too difficult. If you currently have a P0345 in your Ford F150, what are you waiting for? Go and drive off to get this code cleared now!

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