P0340 Ford F150 Powertrain Code- What Does It Mean & How to Diagnose it?

The FordF150 is a quite popular pickup truck. One of its most impressive features is its PCM which can allow you to diagnose problems with your powertrain and attempt to fix any issues that might arise. However, the codes used to diagnose these problems may seem unfamiliar and perplexing at first glance.

One of the most common codes that end up confusing many drivers is the p0340 code. In this article, we’ll be exploring the p0340 ford f150 code in detail, looking at what it signifies and why it may occur.

P0340 Ford F150

Definition Of P0340 Code

The P0340 code is a generic powertrain code just like the P0345 Ford F150. What this means is that this code points toward a general area within which the problem might be located in. Unlike other codes, it does not specifically tell you where or what the problem is. It merely points towards a specific area.

As you can see, due to the p0340 being a generic power code, it ends up confusing many drivers on what the actual problem is. As a result, if you do not have some knowledge of automobiles, you will usually be unable to diagnose the issue with your Ford pickup truck properly.

What Does P0340 ford f150 Mean?

When read with an OBDII sensor, the p0340 code points to a problem with the Camshaft Position Sensor circuit. The CPS circuit is an electronic circuit in your car that monitors the positions of the camshafts or valves and details this information to the ECU. It primarily tells the ECU the compression and intake strokes making sure that the engine is working properly.

If the circuit is damaged, it may end up giving irregular signals to the ECU, which in turn can greatly affect the performance of your car. In some cases, you might not even be able to properly start up your car since the camshaft timing isn’t registering properly. Usually, the problem is often serious so 

Possible Causes Of P0340 In A Ford F150

Possible Causes Of P0340 In A Ford F150

Since we’ve learned what the P0340 code means, it’s now time to understand what can cause it. Some common causes are listed below:

Circuit Malfunction

As we’ve said before, the code represents a problem in the electrical circuit of the Camshaft Position Sensor. Problems in the circuit can arise from damaged wires and loose connections. With time, some of the connections or wires can get worn down, and lead can result in the circuit not working properly.

The other reason circuit malfunction can occur, which can be quite severe, is because of waterlogging. Water entering the circuit can damage the electrical components, and this can be quite dangerous. Although the Ford F15 has measures taken place to prevent this from happening, water entering the circuits is still a possibility you should be on the lookout for.

Faulty Detector

Aside from the circuit being damaged, the detector itself can also get damaged. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but the most common is usually that the detector is faulty or has worn out with time and use. You can try out a different detector to see if the error is still there or not in this case.

Timing Components Problem

There are components in the engine that control and set the timing. If they are not working properly due to faults, the camshaft timings may be off. As a result, you will get the powertrain error code. These timing components are usually located in the internal engine and, as a result, can be difficult to locate and repair if you are not an experienced mechanic.

Error In Reading

Sometimes, the problem isn’t in the car but rather the code scanner giving you a false error reading. If you happen to have a very old code scanner, this can be the reason why you’re getting the error code. That being said, if all the other measures you’ve taken to get rid of the error code fail, you can try out a different code scanner to see if it’s a fault with your scanner.

Symptoms Of P1326

Another common engine code that you might encounter is the P1326. It refers to a faulty oxygen sensor and has some symptoms in common with P0340. These include:

  • The car not starting.
  • Engine misfire or stalling resembling the error code P0316 Ford f150
  • The check engine light turned on.

How To Diagnosis P0340?

We’ve talked about why the p0340 code arises. Now let’s talk briefly about how you can solve this problem. The solutions include:

Fixing The Circuit

In case your electrical circuit is the cause of the problem, you’ll need to fix it. This can involve changing up some wires with new ones or can also involve changing components or devices depending on the extent of the damage.

Replacing The Scanner

As it’s been mentioned, a faulty scanner can be the reason why you’re getting the error code. When changing up the scanner, make sure to get a model that fits the Ford F150 and check your circuit connections as well.


We hope that this article has made the subject of the p0340 Ford F150 engine code less perplexing. If your car isn’t starting properly or engine misfiring is occurring, it could be because of a faulty Camshaft Position Circuit or sensor. Make sure to perform maintenance on your car and be on the alert if you happen to see this code.

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