P0316 Ford f150 Explained: Meaning, Causes, Fixes

If you’ve been driving a Ford F150 lately, you may have encountered the p0316 error code. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 

This is a common issue with many Ford F150s. In this post, we’ll explain what the p0316 Ford F150 error code means, and we’ll provide some tips on how to fix it. So read on to learn more about the p0316 error code and how to fix it!

P0316 Ford f150

What Does Error P0316 Mean?

The engine malfunction code, p0316 Ford f150, is shown when there is a disturbance within the engine due to a misfire during startup. It is otherwise also known as the diagnostic trouble code. The ECM (Engine Control Module) detects issues within either one of your Ford’s shafts which is also the leading cause of engine misfire.

During such cases, like all other error indicators, you will notice a lit check engine light within your Ford f150.

What are the symptoms? 

The p0316 Ford f150 error can be identified by a few symptoms. But keem in mind that some of them are common with other errod codes like the P1131 ford code. Let’s see what some of them are.

  • Lit check engine light
  • Engine performance is poor/ rough start
  • Rough idle
  • Engine misfire

These ford f150 pcm failure symptoms are the main indicators for this error. Therefore, if you are experiencing all four at once, you can be safe to assume that it is error p0316.

What are the Causes? 

The p0316 Ford f150 error may be shown due to several reasons. Some of the most common ones have been stated as follows.

  • Clogged or malfunctioning catalytic converter
  • Leak in the engine vacuum
  • Malfunctioning spark plugs
  • Fault within the ignition coil
  • Little or no fuel in the vehicle/ unclean fuel mixture

Including the causes stated above, any fault within the ignition system component can be the cause of error code p0316.

How to Diagnose Error P0316?.

How to Diagnose Error P0316

To do this, first, know about the probable symptoms of error p0316. The simpler indicators, such as leaks within the Ford will be easy to spot.

But for more technical issues, you may have trouble identifying the issue without the right equipment. In such cases, consult a mechanic to do so.

How To Fix It 

Every problem has its solution, and the same goes for this error. Figure out the cause and focus on fixing malfunction p0316 according to that.

Clean the clogged catalytic converter

Improper fuel mixture or malfunctioning spark plugs themselves can be the reason for a clogged catalytic converter. 

For this problem, the most common and easiest solution is to drive your car with a minimum of 2500rpm for 30 minutes so that the fuel mixture unclogs itself from the system. But if you are unable to start your car, separate the catalytic converter from your car and clean it using lacquer thinner.

If these methods do not work, your catalytic converter is most likely damaged. The only option in these cases is to simply replace it, although the downside is that this vehicle part is very expensive.

Fix the vacuum leak within the engine 

These types of cases might be a hassle to deal with as a few parts of the vehicle, such as the gasket and O-rings, are required to be replaced.

Although these parts are inexpensive, the task itself can be quite tedious to do yourself, and the labor cost for its replacement also costs quite a bit.

Replace the malfunctioning spark plug 

Spark plugs play a crucial role in starting your car. Therefore, if your vehicle is not running smoothly, the first thing you should do is diagnose the spark plug.

Malfunctions within the spark plug can be very dangerous and should be taken care of at the earliest. Replacing it can be simple and easy to do so by yourself, and compared to other vehicle parts, it is also quite inexpensive.

Replace the ignition coil pack

A faulty pack is the source problem of rough idle and a loud engine. This cause of engine misfire is thankfully easy and inexpensive to replace.

Warning: If you plan on replacing the ignition coil pack yourself, keep in mind that you will be dealing with extremely high voltages. Therefore, make sure to disconnect the battery before you proceed to replace your coil pack.

Low fuel/ Unclean fuel

Lastly, the easiest solution to the simplest problem would be to simply fill up your tank!

In case of unclean fuel, clean the fuel tank thoroughly with hot water and mild detergent. After debris and impurities from the tank have been removed, proceed to fill it up with clean fuel.

Is it serious?

The error p0316 is considered severely serious since it puts the safety of your Ford F150 at risk and may also completely stop the car all of a sudden. This makes your car more prone to accidents.

It is therefore advised to never ignore your lit check engine light.

What’s the cost to fix it?

The check engine light diagnostic costs $100. Whereas on average, the price to fix error p0316 costs around $75 and can be as much as $150.


P0316 amongst Ford f150 is a common error to be seen. Since this error is quite serious, if not fixed within time, it can cause a car to become completely damaged

It is therefore important to have proper idea and knowledge about this error, its symptoms, causes, and their fixes. Seek the help of a professional if necessary.

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