P0356 Ford F150

P0356 Ford F150 | A Complete Guide to the Error Code

If you have been searching up diagnostics for your Ford, the error code p0356 Ford f150 is something that might have popped up quite often. It is a common issue faced by many vehicle owners. This particular malfunction is one of the main reasons for engine misfire.  Any kind of engine misfire can be taxing … Read more

P0420 Ford

P0420 Ford: Causes, Symptoms & Fixes

When talking about diagnostic codes for your Ford, we must mention the P0420 error code that may appear on your vehicle’s control module. This code refers to a malfunction with the three-way catalytic convertor or to its inefficiency in functioning as expected.   Fortunately, even though the code sounds pretty dangerous, it is not as serious … Read more

P0352 Ford F150

P0352 Ford F150 : A Complete Guide

The malfunction code p0352 Ford f150 is a recurring problem faced by many car owners. But if you don’t know what to do, continuing to drive with an illuminated check engine light can be quite nerve-wracking.  Therefore, when the error is identified as p0352, people often wonder about its consequential extent. This has caused numerous … Read more

P0455 Volkswagen: What Is It & How to Fix It

P0455 Volkswagen: What Is It & How to Fix It?

Fuel is the key part of any car engine, and issue related to fuel is always troublesome and often be fatal to the lifespan of the engine. The P0455 Volkswagen error code hints at one of these fuel-related issues, and if you don’t act in time, your car’s engine will make a turn for the … Read more

All About P0299 Code Volkswagen

All You Need to Know About P0299 Code Volkswagen

Is the check engine light on your dashboard lit up? There is a good chance that it could be a minor issue. Yes, a small thing such as a faulty gas cap can make the check engine light turn on. However, there is a high chance that the light is one because of a major … Read more

P0303 Volkswagen

All You Need To Know About P0303 Volkswagen Issue

Vehicle owners often get bombarded with flashing lights on their dashboard. But are you noticing a raw fuel smell from the exhaust along with it? Well, it goes without saying that your car has an issue.  And considering the two of the symptoms that we have mentioned, you can state that it is a P0303 … Read more

what is bank 1 vs bank 2

What Is Bank 1 Vs Bank 2: Clear the Confusion Today!

Before you start working on your car, it’s important to understand which bank is the issue here. Especially when identifying sensors, to avoid making an error and repairing the wrong sensor. So, the question in focus here is, what is bank 1 vs bank 2? Mostly, bank 1 and bank 2 refer to the engine’s … Read more

P00C6 Error Code

P00C6 Error Code: The Ultimate Guide for Newbies

Fuel pressure is one of the prime factors of any vehicle. Without achieving the proper fuel pressure, a vehicle can’t function efficiently. The P00C6 trouble code is an error message that pops up when your vehicle’s fuel system can’t reach the specified pressure.  This is a major problem and must be fixed as soon as … Read more

P0021 Ford F150

What Is P0021 Ford F150 & How Can It Affect Your Car

When you go to diagnose your car for problems, they will often hand you a report containing codes for each situation. Amongst them, P0021 is one of the most overlooked codes. While this code will not instantly shut your car down or cause drastic problems, it will make your ride uncomfortable. Essentially the code indicates … Read more