P0356 Ford F150 | A Complete Guide to the Error Code

If you have been searching up diagnostics for your Ford, the error code p0356 Ford f150 is something that might have popped up quite often. It is a common issue faced by many vehicle owners. This particular malfunction is one of the main reasons for engine misfire. 

Any kind of engine misfire can be taxing on both you and your car. And without the proper knowledge, you would have to struggle to determine its causes and fix them without spending extensively on a mechanic.

Fortunately, in contrast to the impact of this error, its solutions are fairly simpler to understand. Curious to know more? Scroll down below!

P0356 Ford F150

What Does P0356 Mean?

This recurring error for Ford f150 is an indicator for issues within the ignition coil, otherwise also known as secondary circuit malfunction. It’s related to the ignition coil circuit P0352 code as well.

This error for engine misfire can be easily fixed if the malfunctions are within a minute amount. Also, the engine misfire cost is reasonable. Like all other errors, you will be first alerted of this code by an illuminated check engine light.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are mainly 3 symptoms that indicate error p0356. If you notice these signs within your vehicle, malfunction code p0356 is definitely one of the errors, if not only.

  • Lit check engine light
  • Rough idle
  • Engine misfire

What are the Causes?

The p0356 Ford f150 error occurs due to numerous causes. Some of the most common ones have been stated as follows.

  • Loose connections within the coil
  • Malfunctioning wires in your vehicle
  • Open wiring/driver circuit
  • Broken coil connectors

Including the causes mentioned above, any problem within the ignition coil is indicated by this error code.

How To Diagnose Error P0356?

How To Diagnose Error P0356

In order to diagnose this malfunction, mechanics first use the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) scanner to determine the error code. After the code has been confirmed to be p0356, the next step would be to check the condition of the entire vehicle, mainly focusing on the state of the ignition coil.

How To Fix It?

Similar to the indicating symptoms of error p0356, its fixes are also quite straightforward and simple.

Replace the ignition coil 

As this is the main reason for malfunction code p0365, you will most likely need to begin by replacing the ignition coil of your vehicle.

A malfunctioning coil is the main reason for rough idle and engine misfire. But in contrast to it the severe problems it causes, replacing the ignition coil is very easy and inexpensive.

The ignition coil is an extremely high voltage generator. Therefore, you must make sure to disconnect the battery before proceeding to replace it.

Repair any faults within the wiring

Defective wiring within a car is extremely dangerous and should be replaced at the earliest. Although the wires themselves are inexpensive, mechanical labor to replace the wires does cost quite a bit.

Is It Serious?

Malfunction code p0356 is extremely serious as it causes your engine to misfire while accelerating. Uneven idle and a rough engine makes your vehicle more prone to accidents.

Therefore, never ignore and always ensure to diagnose a lit check engine light.

What’s The Cost to Fix Error P0356?

The main cause of error p0356, which is due to the malfunctioning ignition coil, costs about $120 to be replaced.

Small wiring replacements can cost as low as $50. But if completely rewiring your Ford f150 is necessary, it might cost you the steep price of a thousand dollars or more.


Malfunction code p0356 is a familiar issue seen often within Ford f150. If you notice an illuminated engine light and the error turns out to be this particular one, diagnose your car to determine the extent of the malfunctions.

As error p0356 Ford f150 has only a few symptoms, it is important for vehicle owners to have knowledge about this basic error code and its fixes. Make sure to consult a mechanic if necessary.

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