What Is P0021 Ford F150 & How Can It Affect Your Car

When you go to diagnose your car for problems, they will often hand you a report containing codes for each situation. Amongst them, P0021 is one of the most overlooked codes.

While this code will not instantly shut your car down or cause drastic problems, it will make your ride uncomfortable. Essentially the code indicates a camshaft timing problem and only affects the engine with variable valve timing (VVT).

Today, we will be looking deeper into the P0021 Ford F150 and what steps should be taken to get your car running smoothly again.

P0021 Ford F150

What Does P0021 Ford F150 mean?

By definition, the trouble code refers to problems with your intake camshaft position timing. In your car’s diagnostic report, it should be written as “Intake Camshaft Position Timing- Over-Advanced (Bank 2)”. Bank 2 indicates that the problem is on the side of the engine with cylinder 2.

In terms of the severity, we would rate this as a moderate issue. This is mainly because the problem won’t immediately shut your Ford F150 down but will take a gradual toll. And so, like any other problem, this should also be fixed as soon as possible.

Symptoms of P0021 Ford F150

Let us look at some of the common symptoms of P0021 in Ford F150 trucks that originates from the bank 2 sensor 1 location..

Reduced Mileage

Since your engine is unable to adjust cam timing on the go, it will not be able to burn gas as efficiently as it used to.

Loss of Power

A problem with the camshaft timing can cause a significant loss of power. As your truck is no longer able to balance power and performance, you will find it difficult to get instant power.

Check Engine light

While the aforementioned symptoms are more physical, there are cases there of P0021 diagnosed trucks with no symptoms. In this case, you should always keep an eye on your check engine light.

Possible Causes for P0021 Ford F150

P0021 can occur for various reasons, but it is a direct representation of a peron’s carelessness towards their F150 engine.

Engine Oil

Problems with the camshaft timing are common when your engine oil becomes dirty or has the wrong viscosity. It can also happen when you have a low level of engine oil.

Camshaft Timing

The most well-known cause for this trouble code is incorrect engine tuning. Every time you tune your engine, be sure to sync the camshafts to the crank.

Wiring Problems

Wiring problems occur with almost every car and can be quite serious if not fixed. In this case, damage in the wire connecting the solenoid and ECM can cause the trouble code to pop up.

How To Diagnose P0021 Ford F150

How To Diagnose P0021 Ford F150

As this is an internal problem, you will be required to immediately visit your nearest car diagnostics shop. There they will run detailed tests to find all the problems you have inside your F150. The entire process takes about an hour or so.

Cost To Diagnose P0021 Ford F150

The cost of diagnosing P0021 varies depending on the care make and model. To diagnose a Ford F150, it will cost around $90 to $150 per hour. The cost can vary with location and engine type. However, the fixing expense should be around the p0012 Ford code repair cost.

How To Fix P0021 Ford F150

In order to properly fix the P0021 trouble code, you need a full diagnostic report of the vehicle. This will give full details on the actual problem with your camshaft position sensor. 

Alternatively, you can inspect each component manually and try to look for the symptoms and causes mentioned above. If you’re still unable to find the problem, we suggest seeking professional help from repair shops. Interesting thing is clearing this code will also solve the $07e8 code ford.

Final Words

One of the main reasons for P0021 is bad engine oil. Always be sure to check the color of your engine oil and the quantity. The P0021 Ford F150 can be fixed with a few hours of labor and detailed diagnostics.

We ardently hope this has helped you figure out what’s causing your truck to malfunction. 

Best of luck!

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