P00C6 Error Code: The Ultimate Guide for Newbies

Fuel pressure is one of the prime factors of any vehicle. Without achieving the proper fuel pressure, a vehicle can’t function efficiently. The P00C6 trouble code is an error message that pops up when your vehicle’s fuel system can’t reach the specified pressure. 

This is a major problem and must be fixed as soon as anyone encounters it. In this article, we’ll take a brief yet comprehensive look at it. By the end of this article, you’ll learn how the P00C6 code can be diagnosed and fixed. 

P00C6 Error Code

What Does P00C6 Mean?

Failing to start the engine under optimum conditions, The powertrain control module (PCM) reports a P00C6 error code. P00C6 means Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low which leads to the engine start cranking.

Each vehicle is equipped with a fuel system. Modern vehicles come with a high-pressure fuel system optimized for providing the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. The fuel pressure usually refers to the air to fuel ratio in the fuel system. 

When the fuel pressure is lower than the optimal level, the crankshaft’s position gets limited. This sends an error message to the powertrain control module, which in turn wants to start the engine at fuel pump module pressure. 

Possible Causes of P00C6 Code

Finding the underlying cause behind a P00C6 error code can be complicated. There are multiple events that may trigger a P00C6 code. You need to find out which of these are present in your vehicle for diagnosing and fixing the error. 

Dirty or Plugged Fuel Filter

It’s self-explanatory. A dirty or plugged fuel filter will prevent adequate fuel from entering the engine. This will decrease the amount of fuel in the engine, throwing the air to fuel ratio off-balance. 

Fuel Supply Line Restricted

Even if the fuel filter is fine, there might be other objects that may be restricting the fuel supply line. This also reduces the fuel supply into the system, triggering the P00C6 code. 

Damaged Fuel Pump Module

The previously mentioned causes have cheap and easy fixes, and now we’ll be going into the more serious ones. One of the major problems that you might encounter is a damaged fuel pump.

If the fuel pump is damaged, it’ll fail to pump sufficient fuel into the system. The problem with this is that the fuel pump is expensive to fix or replace. 

Damaged Fuel Injection Pump

A fuel injection pump is one of the prime components that maintain the fuel pressure in an engine. The injection pump regularly delivers fuel to ensure the fuel pressure doesn’t drop. If it gets damaged, you may experience the P00C6 error code. 

Symptoms of P00C6 

Here are some of the symptoms that you may experience if your car’s facing the P00C6 error code. 

Check Engine Light Turns On

This is one of the first symptoms that you’re likely to come across. If you find the “Check Engine” light turned on, you should check the vehicle for DTCs. However, this light doesn’t guarantee that you’re facing the P00C6 code in specific. You’ll get this light in case of every DTC. 

Unresponsive Engine

If your engine is facing low fuel pressure, it won’t be able to perform properly. You may face unresponsiveness regarding the car’s throttle. Igniting the car may take more than a few attempts too. You may also hear some sputtering while trying to start the vehicle. 

The engine might stall while idle or running. As a result, you’ll get low acceleration and occasional jerking. 

Turbo Lag

Not everyone equips a turbo in their vehicle. However, if you have one, you’ll have one more way of determining if your engine has low fuel pressure or not. You’ll experience massive turbo lag from low fuel pressure. 


Misfires don’t only occur due to faulty valves or cylinders, but they may happen from low fuel pressure too. If the air to fuel ratio in your vehicle’s engine isn’t correct, it’ll fail to trigger combustion. So, your engine will misfire when you’re starting the car or accelerating. 

How to Diagnosis P00C6

How to Diagnosis P00C6

There are a few simple steps to diagnosing your vehicle for the P00C6 code. It’s important for you to follow these steps serially for accurate diagnosis. 

  • Firstly, we recommend checking your vehicle with an OBD-II reader. There might be more than one DTCs present at a time. You need to fix them serially to get rid of all of them. However, if you don’t have one, you can still fix the issue at hand. 
  • Once you’re sure that there’s no other problem in your vehicle other than the P00C6 code, you need to start with the diagnosis. Check the fuel pressure first. If you find a low fuel pressure, you can be certain that the DTC isn’t a false alarm. 
  • Firstly, check the fuel filter. If the fuel filter is damaged, plugged, or dirty, most likely, this is causing the problem. 
  • Next, take a look at the pipes leading to the fuel system. If there’s any blockage or foreign object in the supply line, fix it and try running your vehicle again. 
  • If that doesn’t fix it, you need to take a look at the fuel pump and fuel pump injector. These rarely get damaged, but you can’t rule out the possibility. These are relatively tougher to fix, and we recommend visiting a mechanic for getting these fixed. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes that people make while fixing the P00C6 code. Know these well so you don’t end up doing them too. 

  • Don’t get to fixing the P00C6 code as long as other trouble codes are present. Clear the codes before you fix them. 
  • Follow our diagnosis steps serially, or you may end up replacing the wrong components. 
  • Don’t replace any component that isn’t broken. People often end up replacing every relevant component, but that’ll only waste your money. 

Is P00C6 Serious?

Yes, the P00C6 is quite severe. The trouble code itself won’t damage your vehicle, but it’ll lead to events that might. For example, the P00C6 leads to misfires and stuttering. These can damage your engine over time. 

What’s the Cost to Fix P00C6?

Fixing the P00C6 code can get expensive. If the underlying reason is the fuel filter, then you’ll be able to get it fixed within $500 dollars. You’ll find tons of replacements for fuel filters for $70 to $160. 

However, fixing a fuel pump can be expensive. Some vehicles are compatible with fuel pumps that cost up to $1000. Plus, you’ll need to spend around $300 on labor. 


The P00C6 code is among the more severe diagnostic trouble codes. If you encounter one, we recommend you visit a mechanic or get it fixed by yourself as soon as possible. 

Not only does the error damage vehicles further, but accidental stalling and jerking may also lead to accidents. 

If you don’t want to spend some extra bucks, follow our diagnosis guide step by step. However, we recommend spending the extra for those without prior experience. Share this guide with your friends and family so they may benefit too!

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