P0022 Ford F150: Why Does It Appear & How to Fix It?

Ford f150 is a fantastic vehicle, but like all other trucks, it is susceptible to various troubles from time to time. One such issue is the p0022 ford f150, a DTC or Diagnostic Trouble Code that refers to “Camshaft Position A- Timing Over Retarded”. Now there can be several reasons behind this very problem, and before a proper examination, it’s very hard to tell exactly what went wrong with your truck or how and why it occurred. 

It’s recommended to consult a mechanic every time your vehicle faces issues like these, but you’ll have to have basic knowledge about this problem, at least to know the symptoms of P0022 or similar issues. We’ll guide you through that.

P0022 Ford F150

Definition of P0022 Ford F150

It’s not easy to put technical terms like a trouble code into simple words, but we’ll try. P0022 is a problem determined by the ECM (Engine Control Module). When the ECM decides that the intake camshaft timing for bank 2 is relatively more retarded than it should be, it gives off the P0022 signal. The over-retarded timing often occurs in the retarding or advancing phase of the camshaft. 

What Does It Mean To Have P0022 In Your Ford F150?

P0022 is not a simple and easy trouble code; this diagnostic trouble can cause a lot of problems to your vehicle. In terms of impact, it can cause as much damage as P0013 if left unchecked.

This is quite a severe issue, and if your vehicle has this code and you still try to drive for a long time- the engine might be seriously damaged. In terms of impact, it can cause as much damage as P0013 if left unchecked. Whenever you recognize the symptoms of this very code, it’s suggested that you immediately take your Ford F150 to a mechanic.

Having P0022 in a Ford F150 vehicle is quite troublesome, to say the least. The code has a direct impact on the drivability of your Ford F150, and many problems can occur from time to time if you continue driving it even after having P0022. Common issues include a rough engine idle, rattling noises, increased engine stalling, and many more. It’s highly recommended to fix the issue before it causes severe damage to the engine parts.

Possible Causes of P0022 in Ford F150

There can be many different reasons behind this specific issue. Possible causes include having dirty or too low engine oil, low oil pressure, faulty OCV, dirty engine, and many more. However, we have pinpointed a few most common reasons behind P0022.

Engine Timing

The synchronization of the camshaft and the crank is essential for the engine to run smoothly. If the sync isn’t there anymore, the engine timing can be a bit off. This timing loss can be reason enough to cause P0022. However, it can also lead to trouble codes like p0171 ford expedition.

Engine Oil

One of the most common causes of P0022 is dirty and/or low engine oil. For example, if somehow water gets in touch with the engine oil, there won’t be enough viscosity to provide the required oil pressure on the camshaft actuators. It’s the same with low engine oil, and the lack of oil pressure can eventually result in P0022.

Wiring Issues

Another common reason behind P0022 is when the wiring connecting the ECM to the Solenoid somehow gets broken or damaged. Any kind of damage to the wiring will easily trigger P0022. 


There are other symptoms too that might lead to possible P0022 trouble. For example, the actuator itself can be problematic at times. The actuator solenoid, if malfunctioning, can frequently give off P0022. Another rare but not impossible case would be a faulty or bad ECM. If the computer of your Ford F150 is problematic, you might get a false P0022 signal. 

What Are the Symptoms?

You should be able to understand if your Ford F150 is facing some sort of motor issues. To verify if it’s P0022 or not, you should look for these symptoms:

Gas Mileage Decreasing

Once P0022 occurs to your truck, the engine won’t be able to adjust the cam timing when you’re on the go, so it won’t be producing optimal combustion. In simpler words, you’ll lose more amount of gas than before. 

Bad Idle Speed

The camshaft actuator malfunctioning would mean that the engine won’t be able to find the proper idle speed for the car; hence, the idle won’t be smooth.

Service Engine Light

If none of the above-mentioned symptoms are seen in the truck, the service engine will soon light blip to notify you that something is wrong with your vehicle. You should then take it to a nearby mechanic. 

Power Loss

If your F150’s engine faces a P0022 issue, it will face a power loss as the camshaft won’t allow the engine to produce a massive amount of power. This, in turn, will result in a power loss.

Motor Not Starting

If the timing is over retarded due to P0022, you’ll find it hard to even start the motor, let alone drive the vehicle. 

How to Diagnosis the P0022 Error Code in F150

How to Diagnosis the P0022 Error Code in F150

It’s always recommended to consult a mechanic and then diagnose and finally fix the issue. However, not all mechanics are the same, and you should have a basic knowledge about the diagnosis, in case you need it at another time!

First things first, in order to diagnose the vehicle for a possible P0022, you’ll have to check the electrical connections leading to the camshaft sensor. Next, you’ll have to thoroughly check the crankshaft sensor and oil control solenoid valve and look for damaged wires or loose connections.

If everything checks out fine up until now, you need to check if the engine oil is full and clean with the correct viscosity. Next up, you’ll have to check the freeze frame data to analyze the trouble code and see when it was actually set. If your vehicle has P0022 trouble, you should be able to figure it out by now. Unfortunately, this is all you can do as a Ford F150 owner- if the problem is bigger than this, you’ll have to take it to a nearby mechanic who’ll do a few pinpoint tests, figure out the real problem, and fix it accordingly.

How To Fix The Issue

Truth be told, as a Ford F150 owner, fixing the car isn’t your job- it’s better to leave it to the mechanics. However, if the vehicle has minor issues, you might not have to spend extra bucks and fix it yourself. If your truck has a P0022 trouble code, you should diagnose it and analyze the engine data using the FIXD sensor. 

If it appears that the sensors are reading data correctly, but the problem remains, you’ll have to take it to the nearby repair shop. However, if you can find the problem by yourself, you can do a few things before heading to the repair shop.

First, you can attempt to reset the fault code and then perform a road test. Next, you can try to replace the filter and oil and make sure the oil has proper viscosity. Next, you can try replacing the wires connected to the OCV (Oil Control Valve) of the camshaft. If nothing works, you can also replace the OCV and see if it works out or not. In a scenario where nothing is working- mechanics are the last resort!

Diagnosis Cost

The cost depends on the type and severity of the problem. Most of the repair shops have a ‘diag time’, where they take time to diagnose the exact problem.

This should cost you around $70-$150, depending on the labor rate of that specific mechanic shop. Once the diagnosis is done, the mechanics will give you an estimate of the overall repair cost.

Now since we’re talking about P0022, usually, the mechanics have to either do an oil change or just change the OCV. Oil changes come at a relatively cheap cost, you might get off within $15-$60 if that’s the case. Oil Control Valve or OCV replacing should cost you a bit more, around $300-$400 in general. If you have the p1131 ford ranger code, then the cost might go up by a bit.

However, if the problem is with your Engine, or if it’s damaged, then we have bad news for you. Engine-related repairing usually costs around $3000-$4000, and maybe more if the issue is severe. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

We have already stated that a mechanic is the best way to solve P0022 issues, but if you want to at least diagnose the problem by yourself, watch out for some common mistakes!

Before you attempt to do any repairing, you need to verify the problem. If you are certain about the issue, you should check the oil viscosity and if the oil is clean or not. Next, you should do the pinpoint test and follow all the steps in order to do a proper diagnosis. Finally, if you’re fully certain that there is a serious problem with your vehicle- take it to a mechanic. Don’t try to do his job by yourself; you’ll most likely end up making the problem even worse!

Is it Serious?

Yes, it is a very serious issue. If the P0022 is left untreated, the truck has lesser fuel mileage, and the engine will have a hard time running smoothly. Moreover, the emissions might exceed the local limits, which is a criminal offense!


It’s pretty evident that the P0022 in Ford F150 can be a very critical problem if not treated immediately. Any damage to your engine might cost you a fortune to repair. So before things get any worse, we would strongly recommend you consult with a mechanic if your F150 is showing symptoms of P0022.

We hope you found this article helpful enough!

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