How to Eliminate Throttle Lag

How to Eliminate Throttle Lag | Easiest Methods

When the traffic light turns green, how many times has your car failed to accelerate? Or maybe you’re already late for work, but your car won’t start. You keep slamming on the gas pedal, but your car takes an eternity to accelerate.  The “sponge pedal,” as it is widely known in current vehicles, seems to … Read more

afm lifter failure symptoms

AFM Lifter Failure Symptoms You Need to Know About

Although AFM lifters are supposed to increase fuel mileage, they seem to have quite a few adverse effects and one of the largest issues has to be an AFM lifter failure. An AFM lifter failure should be fixed immediately or else you will be putting your safety at risk. However, for you to fix the … Read more

Best Range AFM Disabler Forums

Top Range AFM Disabler Forums in 2023

Active Fuel Management (AFM) was invented to improve gas mileage by reducing fuel consumption. But the failure list of AFM is long. So the AFM disablers were brought in to provide some roundabout solutions.  But getting the right information about disablers and the issues that come with them is a challenge. Fortunately, many AFM disabler … Read more

How to Disable Active Fuel Management

How to Disable Active Fuel Management

Active fuel management that is also commonly known as AFM, is a technology that is meant to improve the gas mileage of vehicles. This technology increases the gas mileage by deactivating about half the cylinders of the engine at times.  Although AFM seems to be great on paper, because of it a lot of people … Read more

Range AFM Disabler Problems and Solutions in 2022

AFM or active fuel management helps to reduce fuel consumption in trucks, increasing mileage. However, it also limits the power of your vehicles, and there are times when you may need to switch to an 8 cylinder mode for higher performance. This requires the use of a Range Technology AFM disabler. However, despite the advantages … Read more

How Do I Know If I Have Active Fuel Management

How Do I Know If I Have Active Fuel Management? Find Out Now!

If you’re an automobile enthusiast and preparing to buy a vehicle from General Motors, it’s obvious that you want it to have active fuel management. It is one of the brand’s trademark features that ensures powerful engines like the V6 or V8 can sparingly use gasoline and improve fuel economy significantly. However, not all of … Read more