Range AFM Disabler Problems and Solutions in 2022

AFM or active fuel management helps to reduce fuel consumption in trucks, increasing mileage. However, it also limits the power of your vehicles, and there are times when you may need to switch to an 8 cylinder mode for higher performance. This requires the use of a Range Technology AFM disabler.

However, despite the advantages that an AFM disabler can have, it can pose some difficulties. So in this article, we’ll be looking at Range AFM disabler problems as well as highlight some common solutions to said problems.

Range AFM Disabler Problems and Solutions in 2022

AFM Disabler Problems And Solution

Getting the AFM disabler is the best way to avoid issues. Nevertheless, let’s look at what problems an AFM can cause to your truck, as well as their corresponding solutions. Some common side effects of Range AFM include:

1. Unresponsiveness

Range Technology AFM disablers can switch from a 4 cylinder mode to an 8 cylinder mode for higher peak performance at the cost of more fuel. However, this switching can be unresponsive at times which can cause trouble with your driving. There can be several reasons, including compatibility issues, a faulty disabler, or outdated firmware. It is important to check if the disabler and switch are working before setting off. Not being able to disable the AFM properly can cause issues as well.


Since there can be different reasons for this occurring, you will need to go through a thorough check. First, make sure to see if the particular AFM disabler is meant for your model of truck. Next, you should check to see if the firmware is updated or not. You need to consult the manufacturer about the firmware, and they can perform the necessary update.

2. Lifter Failure

One issue you can often encounter with lifter failure. Frequently using the AFM disabler device can cause the lifter to experience degradation and might end up breaking down from stress later. This can be a serious issue and can greatly damage your truck. 


Learning how to prevent afm lifter failure is important. You must perform proper maintenance on the AFM lifters on your truck. Make sure to oil them and look out for any signs of deterioration. If needed, you should change parts out or perform servicing to ensure the parts are in top condition. Proper maintenance is the best course of action to prevent this issue.

Make sure to inspect the lifters before leaving for any ride on your vehicle. If your lifters are in good condition, the transition should be smooth and not produce any noise. If you’re experiencing noises or rough switches, you might need to stop and take a look at your AFM lifters. You can also report these signs to the workshop employee for an effective solution.

3. High Exhaust Noise

Range Technology AFM disabler modules can result in your GM truck emitting loud noises once the AFM is disabled. Alongside causing noise pollution, they can strain your exhaust and cause it to deteriorate over time. This deterioration can also extend to your vehicle’s engine with time. If left unchecked, it can spiral into a big issue for your vehicle.


Fitting a silencer will help with the noise when you’re driving with the AFM disabled. It will also help reduce the strain on the exhaust. It’s recommended not to keep the AFM disabler plugged in all the time to avoid putting too much strain on the vehicle.

4. Higher Engine Stress

Range technology v4 mode AFM delete devices allow your engine to work at higher than their average performance. However, having the AFM system switched off for long periods can put unintended stress on your engine and silverado 1500 and may even lead to battery drainage. Combined with improper maintenance, this can spiral into a huge issue and cause irreparable engine damage to your truck, and can severely cost you. Leaving the AFM delete device on while your truck is idle can accelerate the deterioration of your engine.


Don’t keep the AFM disabled for longer than you should. When you don’t need the performance boost from disabling it, keep it turned off. Along with this, make sure to perform proper maintenance on your machine, such as oiling the parts and making sure the parts are working properly. This will prevent severe damage from occurring. Also, if it’s displaying check engine lights on the dash, then you may want to update the firmware of the module. You’ll have to check the settings to find out the software version of the module.


So these are a few Range AFM disabler problems you can encounter. Problems such as transmission issues and others can be solved by proper maintenance and checking the disabler to see if it’s properly working or not. If needed, you can resort to modifications, codes, professional services.

Make sure you properly install it and, if required, seek help for it.

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