How Do I Know If I Have Active Fuel Management? Find Out Now!

If you’re an automobile enthusiast and preparing to buy a vehicle from General Motors, it’s obvious that you want it to have active fuel management. It is one of the brand’s trademark features that ensures powerful engines like the V6 or V8 can sparingly use gasoline and improve fuel economy significantly. However, not all of its models have this quality integrated into them.

At this point, you might be wondering, “How do I know if I have active fuel management?” There are a couple of different indicators that help you understand if the vehicle of your choice has active fuel management, which is also known as cylinder deactivation. It will prevent you from spending hours at and end hounding catalogs and magazines. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and see which signals are worth looking out for.

How Do I Know If I Have Active Fuel Management

How to Know If I have Active Fuel Management

There are a few major indicators that help you identify whether your vehicle has active fuel management to boost performance and increase the gas mileage. Keep on reading to identify the most prominent ones. That will help you decide if you need to buy an AFM disabler for countering excessive oil consumption by closing down the engine cylinders.

Vehicle Type

There are a couple of different cars that are easily identifiable as ones having active fuel management simply by looking up the categories they fall under. For starters, the cars that are designed for towing or hauling large loads are bound to have this feature as they require proper fuel allocation to back up their strength.

Other vehicles types that definitely has active fuel management integrated into them include off-road vehicle. This feature ensures that such cars do not have to wear out the engine while travelling through the rough region.  Furthermore, it helps to increase its mileage and reducing the need for fuel consumption.

Powerful Engines

Nowadays, a major concern among automobile enthusiasts are to find ways to reduce oil usage. Although many have switched to more energy-efficient options, many remain loyal to the classic, massive engines that emanate power and strength. Nothing beats the thrill of driving vehicles that roars with every press of the accelerator. 

General Motors have found a way which allows automobile enthusiasts to opt for muscle cars while also remaining environmentally responsible. Most of the vehicles that have powerful engines often have an AFM system integrated into them by the brand. It allows them to make the fuel efficiency better for various engine functions using the V8 engine.

Therefore, there’s a high chance that you will get to enjoy this feature if you go for retro-looking models. If you face range afm disabler problems, you should check out our article on its solutions. Forums for AFM disablers users can be of great help as well.

Car Model

A thing to keep in mind when looking for active fuel management in GM vehicles is that it’s a fairly modern feature. Therefore, there is a high chance that you won’t find it in older model. So, don’t bother opting for the more vintage options when looking to make a purchase. However, you should check the instrument panel of your Chevrolet silverado truck for more info.

Cars that have been manufactured in the 21st century normally have this feature. In fact, the ones manufactured by General Motors after 2007 have this quality. Therefore, start your research this year to narrow down your search and find the vehicle of your choice with ease.

A common question is; do all Chevy Silverado’s have AFM system?

The answer is no. Back in around 2010, all chevy trucks and GMC Sierra pickups used to have this system in them, but now it’s a bit limited.

However, does the 2020 Silverado have AFM?

You’ll find AFM system available in engines such as 5.3L V8, 2.7L turbo, and 4.3L V6.


The question, how do I know if I have active fuel management, might have been something bothered you for a while now. Now that you have completed reading our article, the answer is as clear as day for you. You will never have to spend hours at car dealerships wondering which vehicle might have this feature ever again and if you can activate the cylinder mode.

All that’s left is to rush to your nearest General Motor outlet and pick out the vehicle of your choice, having active fuel management system. You can now be both an environmentally responsible citizen while also a muscle car-loving automobile enthusiast simultaneously!

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