How to Clean Brake Pads Without Removing Wheel

How to Clean Brake Pads Without Removing Wheel | DIY Method

In terms of automobile maintenance, there are many vital components to care for. But brake pads are possibly the most important component in terms of safety. Therefore, knowing how they are cleaned and function is essential. Sometimes, it can be a hassle to take the wheels off each time you need to clean the brake … Read more

Can Brake pads fall off

Can Brake Pads Fall Off? (Reasons & Solutions)

Can brake pads fall off? Well, it certainly can.   The thought of your car’s brakes suddenly failing on while you’re on the road is terrifying, to say the least. Thankfully, this does not happen all that frequently, but it can happen for a number of reasons. Surprisingly, these reasons mainly occur due to inattention toward your … Read more

Are Detroit Axle Brakes Good

Are Detroit Axle Brakes Good? Find Out Now!

High-quality brakes are a must-have to get good performance from your vehicle, and that’s why you need to pick brakes for your car carefully. Because there are countless brands selling brakes, picking one can be a very overwhelming and confusing experience. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the most popular brakes that … Read more


How to Check Timing Belt | Easiest Methods

The timing belt in your engine keeps everything in sync and is one of the most important components in the engine. As a result, you are bound to do proper maintenance of the timing belt. However, people often forget to check on this belt. This component needs to be replaced at certain intervals or based … Read more


How to Trick an O2 Sensor to Run Your Vehicle Smoothly

The O2 sensor, along with many other sensors in your car, ensures that it runs without any issues and increases efficiency by miles. However, sometimes oxygen sensors may become faulty and may start to hamper the car’s performance. To avoid this, you might want to bypass the O2 sensor. So, you can have your car … Read more

what is a throttle controller

What is a Throttle Controller | Everything You Need to Know

One of the most frustrating features of modern cars is throttle lag. If you own an automatic car with a CVT gearbox, you have definitely experienced throttle lag. It’s the delay between your action on the accelerator pedal and the time it takes your car to move forward.  A throttle response controller can solve this. … Read more

How to Get Air Out of Brake Lines Without Bleeding

How to Get Air Out of Brake Lines Without Bleeding

If you’re like most people, the sight of brake fluid brings to mind one thing: a necessary evil.  No one likes flushing their brake lines, but it’s something that must be done from time to time in order to keep your car stopping on a dime. But what if you could get all the air … Read more