How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild a Carburetor | Carburetor Rebuild Cost Explained!

A carburetor is an essential part of an engine’s operation as it is responsible for combustion, which keeps the engine going. However, with time a carburetor can be worn down and suffer damage. So to ensure operation, you might need to repair or rebuild it.

So this begs the question- how much does it cost to rebuild a carburetor, and what contributes towards the expense? In this article, we’ll try to highlight the costs and guess an estimate on how much you might spend to rebuild a carburetor.

How Costly Is It To Rebuild A Carburetor

How to Know When to Rebuild a Carburetor?

There are usually some signs that can let you know that your carburetor requires some cleaning or repair. The most telling sign is often black smoke from your exhaust pipe. So if you happen to see black smoke while driving your car, you might want to stop and check out your carburetor.

Other extreme symptoms include a burning smell or abrupt noises in your engine. It is recommended to spot the black smoke early so that you can minimize the damage to your carburetor. The burning smell often occurs when your carburetor is more damaged.

Additionally, the effects of a carburetor going bad can be felt when you’re driving a car. You’ll notice the car being unresponsive and having reduced acceleration. You also might notice that your fuel is being consumed more rapidly. However, they might not always be because of a bad carburetor necessarily, so it is important to have your car checked out.

Being able to spot the signs will often minimize the amount of repair you will need to do. A regular carburetor will usually need repair work after 4 or so years.

What Does Rebuilding A Carburetor Entail?

Rebuilding a carburetor can vary depending on the damage done to it and the amount of repair needed. Most of the time, it entails some cleaning work where you clean out some of the parts of the carburetor. Over time, residue builds up in the parts, and it can end up clogging the carburetor. This interferes with its ability to properly mix air and fuel.

However, sometimes repair work can be more extensive and doesn’t involve simple cleaning. It can involve replacing certain parts that have been too worn down. In the worst-case scenario, you might be forced to completely replace your old carburetor with a new one. 

Due to the amount of repair work involved, the cost of rebuilding a carburetor can significantly vary. However, this isn’t the only factor that can affect the cost of this task. The model and size may also play a role, for example, 350 carburetor size plays a significant role in determining its price. Let’s move on to the other things that you need to take into account as well.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost Of Rebuilding A Carburetor

Other Factors Affecting the Cost Of Rebuilding A Carburetor

Repairing a carburetor is often considered a mechanically intensive or difficult task. Most people won’t attempt to do it on their own and will often enlist the help of an expert mechanic to perform this task. As a result, the cost of labor also factors into the cost of repairs.

Due to how difficult it can be at times, the service can be quite expensive depending on whose help you’re enlisting. There is also the matter of how the service is charged since some mechanics might charge based on hours of work, while some will just simply ask for a fixed sum of money.

Another factor that affects prices is the model of the carburetor itself. More complex models and powerful models will have higher repair prices. This is partly because rebuilding those models tends to be more time-consuming and difficult. Their replacement parts also either tend to be rarer or more expensive, so you end up paying more for the parts.

How Long Does It Take To Rebuild A Carburetor?

Once again, it depends on the carburetor itself and how much it is worn down or damaged. For minimal damage and cleaning, it’s possible to be done in around 30 or 45 minutes. For more extreme cases and complex carburetors like 4 barrel ones, it is possible that repair work can take over 3 hours. For repair services that charge by the hour, this can end up heavily increasing the amount you spend.

How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A Carburetor | A Estimation

On the lower end, you will usually spend around 200 to 350 dollars. For higher-end carburetors, cleaning can take around 400 dollars. If you’re replacing parts, you can end up spending upwards of 600 or even 700 dollars.

Getting a new carburetor can cost you 600 to 800 dollars. Usually, the service cost for this ends up being around 200 dollars, so you can end up spending around 800 or 1000 dollars in total for a new carburetor.


So to answer the question of how much does it cost to rebuild a carburetor, you can expect to spend anywhere from 200 to 1000 dollars. Make sure you’re alert about the symptoms of a carburetor going bad so you can quickly repair it and not end up spending as much.