How To Remove White Lettering on Tires?

Removing white lettering from tires is a tedious process. You could go for the flipper’s method….that is to flip the black inside to the ‘outside’ so the white lettering is on the inside. It might take you a trip to the garage, but it’ll do the work. 

But you might not like having them on the insides either. If you want the white lettering to be gone but have only been unsuccessful in removing them so far, you are at the right place! 

Today I am going to show you how to remove white lettering on tires and still make them look as good as new. So, hang in there and find the best method for yourself! 

Different Methods of Removing White Lettering on Tires

How To Remove White Lettering on Tires

Before you start gathering all the tools and materials you have lying around in your garage, there is one thing you must do. 

Identify The White Lettering Type

Different brands come with a variety of white lettering methods. Some letterings are just stickers on the stretching tires while some are embedded as a part of the white sidewall of the tires. 

So, check your tire, do they come with a sticker or is it more permanent than just a sticker? Depending on that, there are three ways you can erase your one, so choose which one suits you best. 

Method 1: If the Lettering Is a Sticker 

Things you will need:

  • A hairdryer
  • A plastic razor

Yes, you read that correctly. If the white lettering is just a sticker on your supermoto dirt tires, use a hairdryer and blow on it for around a minute. Then once the glue is softened, scrape the whole thing off with a plastic razor.

It should take only a minute or two. The stickers will come off very easily and boom! You have a clean black tire!

Method 2: If the Lettering Is Paint

Things you will need:

  • Brake fluid/ cleaner
  • A rag or piece of cloth
  • (or) A small wire brush

If your tire comes with terrible lettering painted on from the factory, just use a brake cleaner. However, brake cleaner is a little tricky to use since it could damage the rubber. 

Apply some brake cleaner on a cloth and rub it onto the lettering with a rag or a small wire brush. It should come off after a few rubs easily. 

However, make sure to clean any residue afterward. You do not want the chemical to get to the rubber. Mask the outer portions if required. If you’re working on travel trailer tires, make sure to remove all 4 tires from the travel trailer before you get started. It will make the process easier.

Method 3: If the Lettering Is the White Rubber

Things you will need:

  • Blade
  • (or) Black permanent spray/ marker

Now, if the lettering is the white rubber from the white sidewall of the tire that is raised, you can take a blade and scratch the raised portion off. It would, however, harm the tire in a way since it belongs to the white sidewall and the inside of the tire. You might not want to ruin that.

So, what could be an alternative here? Here’s what: take a good quality black permanent color spray or marker and paint it over the lettering. You can mask the outer sides of the lettering to not ruin the tire. 

If you can find the right type of product, it is going to match right with your tires and stay on after multiple times of washing.

Final Words

Be careful while working on your tires. You do not want to ruin them and pay for a new one. The above ways above will cover whatever type of tire you might have. Now that you know how to remove white lettering on tires, try them out to get your slick black tires!