How to Remove All 4 Tires from a Travel Trailer

The holidays are here, and you want to take out your travel trailer, go on a trip, and have a taste of the wilderness. But your plans falter when you realize that the tires are out of shape, with the lone trailer sitting in the garage for so long. 

If you do not know how to remove all 4 tires for a travel trailer, you can always call for help.  After all, it is not an easy task because you are not removing one but all four, and a travel trailer is no small thing. There will be problems like lifting, positioning, etc. 

But with my step-by-step guide, you can easily pull off the job, all by yourself. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Tires from a Travel Trailer

How to Remove All 4 Tires from a Travel Trailer

Changing tires is a simple task, only if you know what you are doing. And here are the steps you can follow to make the job as smooth-sailing as possible. 

Step 1: Move the Travel Trailer to a Safe Place

Selecting the place is the first and foremost step of this work. You cannot just start working on your trailer on a bumpy, curvy surface. So, before you start, find a plain, flat width and secure a place for changing your trailer wheels.

Step 2: Select the Perfect Option to Lift Your Trailer

Now, you do not be the Hulk to lift a trailer alone. Instead, you need to choose the correct option for lifting your trailer. There are a couple of options in your hand. You can either use the bottled jack, large woodblocks, or ramps.

Using a Ramp to Lift your Trailer

You do not have to work hard for this step. Using a ramp is easier for vehicles with double, triple, or even tandem axles. Decide which wheel you want to remove first, and then place your ramp jack behind that wheel. 

Just drive the trailer on the ramp and lift the vehicle off the ground for the next step. Remember that you have to put the trailer at a reasonable height to make changing tires easy for you.

Using a Jack to Lift your Trailer

If you want to remove all 4 tires of your travel trailer, using a jack could be another good option. What you have to do is to use the jack stand to raise all sides of the trailer. 

Place the jack stand on the frame and present the front to lift the tires off the ground. It will help you to change all the tires at the same time. My friend used this method to remove tires when cleaning white letters on tires.

Step 3: Secure Your Trailer with Tire Chocks or Woodblocks

While removing one tire from a side of the trailer, the other side is in a risky position. Because that moment one side is off the ground and another part is on the floor without any protection, your camper may start moving backward unintentionally, which can cause a massive problem for you. 

To prevent that, use tire chocks or woodblocks on the opposite side of the tires you are removing.

Step 4: Select the Suitable Tools

You have lifted your trailer and secured it. Now the next part is selecting the suitable tools. Be prepared before and choose the perfect tools for this job. Also, make sure the tools are in good shape to do the task: a lug wrench, pressure gauge, greasing tool would be enough.

Step 5: Remove the Lug Nuts and Old Tires

Let’s start removing the wheels then. We are going to use a lug wrench to remove the nuts. But I should tell you; loosening lug nuts is not easy; it will require immense force. 

And do not do this after lifting the wheels. Try to lose the lug nut while jacking up the trailer.

And, when you raise the trailer, just start removing the lug nuts and remove the wheels from the trailer. 

Oh, make sure the lug nuts are safe, like in a bag or pocket or a box.

Step 6: Install New Tires

You do not have to remove all tires at once and fit the new ones. At first, remove and replace tires on one side and then repeat it for the other. After you are done with it, remove the ramp or the jack stand to lower the trailer. 

Do not forget to inspect the brake lining, lubricate the bearings, and remove the chocks.

Remove your Trailer’s Wheels whenever you want!

The tires of your travel trailer can be damaged for any reason. If the tire tread wears out because of use or extreme weather conditions, or there is a puncture, you must replace them. There is nothing to worry about, because now you know how to remove all 4 tires of a travel trailer. Follow the steps and do it by yourself!