8 Easy Steps on How To Ship a Tire

Shipping anything can be a big hassle, especially if it is something as heavyweight and huge as tires. Or so you think. You might be surprised to know that not only can you easily ship tires across the country, but even out of it. 

But just because it is easy does not mean it is always convenient. Especially when you do not know the right steps. If you want to get all the tads and bits on how to ship a tire without it becoming a tiresome expedition (pun intended), we have made an in-depth guide to help you out. 

Keep on reading for an easy approach to learning all the insider’s lessons on tire shipment.

8 Steps on How to Ship a Tire

How To Ship a Tire

You would need a few packing materials to get you started. Once you gather those, here is what you are going to do. 

Step 1: Figure out your preferred mode of transportation

There are several options to choose from when it comes to transporting goods. For tires specifically, a good option is to ship by air freight. a

But keep in mind that this can be a little bit costlier than expected. A cheaper and much safer way is to transport via your local mover company, as you get insurance on your items. 

The most budget-friendly alternative is to pay to use the luggage compartment of a greyhound bus or to rely on ridesharing. But this option poses risks because there is no insurance on your products. 

Step 2: Unmount tires from wheels

Now that you have decided how you will be transporting your tires, unless you want the wheels delivered as well, unmount the tires to reduce dimension and weight significantly. 

Lookup for a tutorial to do this step. This should not cost more than fifteen minutes of your precious time.

Step 3: Release the air

Now that you have unmounted the tires, release the air to shrink the dimension even more. With the few extra pounds of air gone, the supermoto off-road tires should be nice and floppy, ready to get packed. At this point, the tires are flexible and will be bent easily for the ease of packing.

Step 4: Gather packing materials 

You might want to get your hands on a sufficient amount of loose-fill, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and cardboard. Cover the sides of the decompressed tires with cardboard and wrap them with bubble wrap and Styrofoam.

Step 5: Bind 2 tires together

This step has less to do with the safeguarding of your tires, but rather with the safeguarding of your pocket. Most delivery services charge a certain amount of money for the first few pounds and then charge you extra based on how heavy your product is beyond that particular weight.

So, preparing two packages for two tires means having to pay the base pay twice; while packing two of them together will reduce your cost by half.

Step 6: Place Them in a Corrugated box

You should put your tires in a corrugated box that is just big enough. A box too big will cause undue movement while on the roads. The box should be filled with loose-fill peanuts and any other shock absorbent material of your choice. 

Wrap the box up properly since you do not want your tires to jump out of the box and cause a vehicular catastrophe.

Step 7: Label the package correctly

Now that your package is ready, label the box correctly with a document that includes your contact information. That is, the dimension, and the weight of the box; which is the standard protocol of labeling for most delivery companies. 

If you put the wrong information regarding your product, the delivery company will charge you a penalty for additional handling fees.

Step 8: Categorize your tires under the right title

Make sure that your tires are being shipped under the ‘Automobile parts’ category. This is because each of the products that get shipped every day is handled according to what kind of commodity they are, for instance: liquid, fragile, etc. 

If you are shipping through air freight, they will put up a sticker on your box for the correct transportation.

Final Words

Voila! Your tires are now ready to get shipped without any chance of damage or mishandling. Now that you know how to ship a tire, you have one less (or shall we say four less?) thing to worry about. Also, if you want to learn about making car tires sticky, check out our guide on how to make slot car tires sticky. Let us know if you have been able to be benefitted from this article.