How to Make Tires Stick Out

Whether it is to make handling your trucks easier or to just have it look better on the road, making tires stick out is a style most people opt for. And instead of buying a whole new vehicle with tires that already stick out, both amateur and professional truck owners prefer to DIY. 

Initially, the idea of learning how to make tires stick out might appear to be tricky and complicated. You would need to nail different measurements, like the offset, wheel width, backspacing, right which makes the process quite complex.

However, by following the steps below, you will find that there are several ways you can easily make your car or truck tires stick out.

Steps on How to Make Your Vehicle Tires Stick Out

Steps on How to Make Your Vehicle Tires Stick Out

To get started, here are the several factors you need to keep in mind to know how far your wheels should be.

Step 1: Change the wheel offset

The first major factor of how to make tires stick out is to understand how the tires are positioned in the wheel wells of the car or truck. Generally, a “negative offset” of the wheels causes the tires to be pushed outwards from the car, which in turn makes the tires stick out from the car. 

A positive offset, on the other hand, is how the wheel is adjusted that causes the tires to be positioned inwards towards the car’s body. You can easily achieve a negative offset of the wheels by installing wheel spacers for your tires. 

Good quality spacers help you to change the wheel offset according to your preference, and also help to have more control of the car while driving.

Step 2: Get thicker wheels

Having understood the importance of wheel offset and the use of spacers, the next step is to understand that the thickness of the wheel itself contributes to how your tires will stick out. 

Along with the proper offset measurements, you should pay attention to how wide your wheels are. For, a combination of these will help determine how much the tires will stick out and have a grip on the road while driving. 

Based on your wheel offset settings, getting wider-sized wheels will make the tires stick out toward the road more.

Step 3: Adjust the internal spacing of the tires

Simply making the tires stick out will not do well for the car, as the spacing and positioning are also very important. 

If the space between the tire and the hollow area in which it sits is too small, there is a high chance that the friction from the tire when driving the car will keep rubbing onto the internal components of the car. 

The constant rubbing of the tires and the internal components can be very dangerous as it will eventually heat the tires and cause the other materials to wear. 

That is why it is very important to make sure that the spacing measurement is adjusted properly, as the wrong spacing can cause internal damage as well as rough handling of the car overall.

Step 4: Make sure the ride height is optimal

Looking through the steps mentioned above, you have probably gotten the idea by now that all the steps are interrelated. 

Getting a good spacer will make the stretched truck tires stick out. But if other measurements and adjustments of the car are not done correctly, it will greatly affect the car’s overall performance and stance in an undesirable way. 

For example, any necessary adjustments and additions made can cause the distance between the lowest part of the car and the road, which is usually known as “ride height”, to decrease. 

If this distance is too small, there will be a lot of issues especially when the road is bumpy or inclined. One option to maintain a good ride height is to install a lift in the vehicle. 

While you can make the tires stick out to your desired amount, the additional lift installation will allow a greater ride height which will therefore reduce rough rides and damage due to roads that are bumpy or inclined. 

Final Words 

You do not have to be vehicle enthusiast or be too well-equipped on how cars work to know how to make tires stick out. Following these steps will help you easily achieve your purpose quite easily.