Do Brake Pads Need Shims | Expert’s Opinion!

One of the most underrated parts of a car’s brake system is the brake pad shims. While many of us don’t know what it is and how it works, it is crucial if you want a noise-free experience when you are driving. 

In this blog post, we will go through what brake shims are, how they work, and their reusability. This is so you can answer the question of whether do brake pads need shims. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at brake shims, shall we?

Do Brake Pads Need Shims

What Are Brake Shims?

A brake pad shim or brake shim is the tool that is placed between the brake rotors and brake pads. It is done so that there aren’t any unnecessary brake noises when you hit the brake on your vehicle. 

So, in simple terms, brake pad shims are the tools that prevent the brake noise of an automobile. If they are not placed under the brake pads, then there will be a tremendous amount of noise from each part of the brake system. 

This is because the shims work to decrease and eliminate the amplitude and transmission of the vibrational forces when you hit the brake. 

Do Brake Pads Need Shims?

So, do brake pads need shims? Well, it depends. Do you want to hear a horrible screeching sound every time you hit the brakes? If yes, then you don’t need brake pad shims.

A vehicle doesn’t need to have brake pad shims; that’s why you won’t find any in old cars and trucks. But having brake pad shims can be a massive upgrade if you consider the driving experience. 

The benefits of having brake pad shims don’t end with dampening the sounds and vibrations of the brake system. It also ensures that the brake pad has a balanced temperature. 

They are like a thermal barrier that ensures that the brake system doesn’t get too hot and damage the inside parts. For this reason, a few companies insist that owners must have brake pad shims; otherwise, the vehicle warranty won’t be applied if the broken system fails. 

For these reasons, we recommend that although it is not a piece of necessary equipment, you should get brake pad shims for your car. It will improve the quality of life when driving drastically.  

Which Types of Brake Shims are the Best?

Which Types of Brake Shims are the Best

There are two types of brake shims in the market: rubber and metal brake shims. You can use either of them but if you are looking for better durability, then going with the metal option is the best route.

That being said, most users prefer rubber shims as they offer more sound dampening quality. In our opinion, both of them get the job done perfectly, and it solely depends on your taste in the end. 

Now, if you want the best brake shim on the market, then you will have to get titanium brake shims. This type of metal brake shim offers both quality and a long lifespan at the same time. But Titanium brake shims cost a fortune.

But you don’t need to opt for titanium brake shims unless you are putting your brake system through extreme heat like race cars. Getting standard rubber or metal brake shims will work just fine.

Most cars these days come with rubber brake shims. So, if you are planning to replace them, then we suggest you go with metal shims; you will notice some positive changes.

Can You Reuse Brake Pad Shims?

If the shims are in good condition, then you can reuse those brake pad shims without any hassle. A factor that you will need to keep in your mind is that rubber brake pad shims have lower durability.

So, if you are reusing rubber brake shims, make sure that they haven’t thinned out; otherwise, you might have to change the brake shims very soon.

Also, make sure that the brake shims are appropriately cleaned before putting them back. You can use brake cleaners and a paper towel or a rag for the cleaning process. Don’t forget to add a bit of lubricant on both sides of the brake shims. This will make sure that your brake shims last longer.

Get Shims for Your Brake Pad Now!

Brake pad shims offer a lot of advantages that you need for a good driving experience and is an equipment that can make your brake system work better. 

Now, do brake pads need shims? No, they don’t, but we believe they are necessary. Because that horrible sound that cars without brake pad shims make is unbearable. So, don’t suffer from brake noises and grab yourself some brake pad shims right now!